Gemstone bracelet amazonite

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      4 variations Size: 17 cm

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      Stylish bracelet made of amazonite beads. Amazonite is a very special stone. Traditionally, the stone was called Amazon stone, derived from the largest river in South America. Amazonite is known as a powerful filter. It has the property of resolving energetic blockages. It brings clarity in all facets of existence, it shows you who you are and what you can be. It is the ideal stone for people who have lost themselves for a while, it allows you to rediscover the qualities and gifts you possess and it balances extreme mood swings, sadness, trauma, worry and raw. The beads are strung on elastic and have a width of 10mm.

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      Gemstone bracelet amazonite
      € 24,95
      Gemstone bracelet amazonite
      Size: 17 cm
      Delivery time: 1-5 working days
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