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  • Gemstone bracelet amethyst with lock

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    *brings inner peace
    *helps to relax
    *clears head

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    Product description

    Stylish gemstone bracelet made of amethyst beads. Amethyst is a quartz that can range in color from lilac to dark purple. The stone brings: 

    *inner peace
    *works relaxing
    *clears head 

    Amethyst is often used for:

    *cramping of neck and shoulders

    It is also a gemstone that has a medicinal effect on addictions. In the Middle Ages, the amethyst was described as a stone that: 

    *makes gentle
    *common sense supports
    *dispels bad thoughts 

    The beads have a width of 8mm and the bracelet is finished with a clasp made of high quality 925 silver. Do you want more information about 925 silver? Click here.


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