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  • Gemstone bracelet Lapis Lazuli with lock

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    Lapis lazuli cleanses all layers of your aura and removes negative energy.

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    Product description

    Elegant gemstone bracelet made of lapis lazuli beads. Lapis lazuli is a beautiful blue stone with characteristic golden pyrite speckles. Sometimes the stone also contains pieces of white, which is calcite or marble. Lapis Lazuli is a very popular stone. Over the centuries it has been used extensively to make jewelery, amulets, paint or eyeshadow among other things. The Egyptians considered lapis lazuli to be sacred. For example, Tutankhamun's golden mask was inlaid with multiple stripes of pure lapis lazuli. The stone would cleanse all layers of the aura and get rid of negative energy. Physically, the stone is often used for complaints such as headache, nerve pain, rheumatism, eczema and inflammation. The bracelet is finished with a lock of high quality 925 silver and has a width of 6mm. Do you want more information about 925 silver? Click here.

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