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  • Gemstone bracelet lava stone

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    Gemstone bracelet made of black lava stone beads.

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    Gemstone bracelet made of black lava stone beads. Lava rocks are created when a volcano has erupted. The hot rock cools down and this is what creates this special stone. It doesn't look like a gem, but it is. This stone helps you to ground, so that you feel good about yourself and do not quickly get out of balance. It strengthens perseverance, it gives you courage and increases your willpower. When you get too many stimuli from the outside, this causes complaints such as headaches, intestinal complaints and allergies. It is therefore important to be well grounded and to be able to set your boundaries. It also has a positive effect on the blood circulation and lowers fever. The bracelet is strung on elastic and has a width of 8mm.

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