Gemstone bracelet tiger eye 8mm

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      *increases self-awareness
      *strengthens the ego
      *gives confidence
      *strengthens your intuition and increases spirituality... Show more
      4 variations Size: 14 cm

      Product description

      Gemstone bracelet made of smooth tiger eye beads. Tiger's eye is a very popular stone. It has been used as an amulet or jewelry for centuries. The tiger's eye strengthens:

      *the ego
      *makes self aware
      *makes less shy

      They say making decisions is easier with a tiger's eye in the bag. It would also be a good stone for insecure kids who could use a little more confidence. Tiger Eye makes:
      *helps with fears and phobias

      Because the stone contains a large amount of iron, it is often used physically for muscle complaints. The energy of the stone allows the:
      *muscle relax
      *makes the bones stronger
      *joints more flexible

      It heals the eyes and ears and has a positive effect on the brain and nerves. The tiger's eye is also used for all kinds of complaints around the respiratory tract, stomach and intestines. Among other things, it would improve bowel movements. The bracelet is strung on elastic and has a width of 8 mm.


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      Gemstone bracelet tiger eye 8mm
      € 29,95
      Gemstone bracelet tiger eye 8mm
      Size: 14 cm
      Delivery time: 1-5 working days
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