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  • Constellations

    • Aquarius


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    • Pisces


      *fish are calm
      *fish are versatile, imaginative and eager to learn
      *fish feel the problems of others in detail
      *fish can be extremely happy or extremely sad
      *fishing is all or nothing, there is no in-between

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    • Ram


      *the ram has a strong independent character
      *a ram smashes through everything
      *Aries are adventurous, ambitious and charismatic
      *the ram can be a real tantrum
      *the ram has enormous willpower

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    • Taurus


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    • Gemini


      *twins have excellent communication skills
      *twins are real thinkers
      *twins are intelligent, energetic and open-minded
      *twins have a very inquisitive character

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    • Tropic


      *lobsters have a strong intuition
      *lobsters are naturally shy
      *lobsters have a strong sense of self
      *lobsters are sympathetic, protective and patient

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    • Lion


      *lions are born leaders
      *lions have big hearts and are very loyal
      *lions are fiery and adventurous
      *lions love to be seen

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    • Virgo


      *virgins are very perfectionist
      *virgins are practical
      *virgins have trouble expressing their feelings
      *virgins are efficient
      *virgins are a bit secretive

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    • Libra


      *scales have a strong sense of justice
      *scales are excellent mediators
      *Libras are critical thinkers
      *scales have a sharp mind
      *Libras need peace and harmony

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    • Scorpio


      *scorpions are a tad mysterious
      *scorpions are passionate
      *scorpions are not very religious
      *scorpions are ambitious
      *scorpions are extremely intuitive

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    • Sagittarius


      *archers are optimistic and positive
      *archers have big plans and dreams
      *archers have a good sense of humor
      *archers are constantly expanding their knowledge
      *archers are real philosophers

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    • Capricorn


      *capricorns take life seriously
      *capricorns are hard workers
      *capricorns take responsibility for their behavior and actions
      *capricorns are determined and balanced
      *capricorns have trouble expressing their feelings

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