De mooiste edelstenen draag je als sieraad
Edelstenen in een sieraad met een helende werking
Ervaar de kracht van natuurlijke edelstenen
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  • Constellation sagittarius

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    *archers are optimistic and positive
    *archers have big plans and dreams
    *archers have a good sense of humor
    *archers are constantly expanding their knowledge
    *archers are real philosophers

    Sagittarians are particularly interested in nature and animals. They like to be around people and very open-minded. The Archer: 

    *is reliable

    *straight away

    *true to self

    *can listen well


    Sagittarians are true philosophers, always looking for the meaning of life. They are sincere, social and straightforward. They need variety and have the power to positively change other people. 

    Gemstones that match the Sagittarius zodiac sign are: aventurine, azurite, chalcedony, lolite, lapis lazuli, opal, and sodalite.