De mooiste edelstenen draag je als sieraad
Edelstenen in een sieraad met een helende werking
Ervaar de kracht van natuurlijke edelstenen
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    *lobsters have a strong intuition
    *lobsters are naturally shy
    *lobsters have a strong sense of self
    *lobsters are sympathetic, protective and patient

    Cancers are mysterious and true dreamers. They are quite closed and do not easily show the back of their tongue. They are great listeners, loving, intense and full of passion. The lobster has a well-developed intuition, instinctively they know what is good and what is not good for them. Lobsters are: 



    *careful and vulnerable 



    Gemstones that match the zodiac sign Cancer are: aventurine, calcite, carnelian, jasper, moonstone, opalite, rose quartz, fire opal and zeolite.