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  • English
  • Constellation virgo

    *virgins are very perfectionist
    *virgins are practical
    *virgins have trouble expressing their feelings
    *virgins are efficient
    *virgins are a bit secretive

    Virgos are very level-headed people. They see things as they are and are not guided by emotions. A virgin doesn't think it's necessary to tell everything about herself. They have both feet on the ground and are hard workers. A virgin is: 



    *calm and humble 

    *focused on problem solving 

    *able to take care of themselves 

    Virgos are the most reliable zodiac sign in the zodiac. They are ready for everyone, are very honest and extremely reliable. Are there any problems? Then the virgin is the right person to solve the problem. They often come up with practical solutions quickly. 

    Gemstones that fit the Virgo zodiac sign are: agate, amazonite, apatite, jasper, chrysocolla, lapis lazuli, tiger's eye, sapphire, serpentine, sodalite and zeolite.