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  • Gemstone bracelet smoky quartz

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    *helps break old patterns
    *stop addictions
    *thinking clearly

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    Product description

    In gemstone therapy, the smoky quartz is a stone of transformation. It is used when change is desired. The smoky quartz is a strong grounding stone. He: 

    *strengthens your intuition and helps to realize major changes in your life 

    *helps stop addictions 

    *supports despondency and depression 

    *strengthens the will to live and helps to relax

    Because the stone consists of silicon dioxide, it is often used for complaints around the tendons and muscles. The stone is said to have a pain-relieving and anti-cramping effect. It is also said to strengthen the heart and veins.

    Gemstones possess fantastic energies, the closer you carry a gemstone to you the more powerful it works. These gemstones have a handy pocket size. You can combine different gems with each other.

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